MBF Cards (M'sia) Sdn. Bhd.


1.The following expression herein contained shall have the meaning designated unless otherwise distinguished :
The expression "MBFC" means MBF Cards (M’sia) Sdn. Bhd. (formerly known as MBf Card Services Sdn. Bhd.).
The expression "Card" means MasterCard/Visa and/or any credit/charge Card issued by MBFC.
The expression "CardMember" means the person who has a valid Card account and whose name appears on the Card.
The expression "Service Provider" means the corporation(s) which has entered into an arrangement with MBFC to allow CardMembers to settle the Bill(s) issued by debiting the Bill amount to the Card account.
The expression "Bill" means the bill or bills which CardMembers have requested MBFC to pay on their behalf and these bills must be listed in the Clik’n Pay™ service.
The expression "Amount" means the total sum stated in the Bill and is in Malaysian Ringgit.
The expression "Clik’n Pay™" means the online payment service provided by MBFC at MBFC’s website which allows CardMembers to request MBFC to pay his/her Bills on his/her behalf by debiting his/her Card account.
The expression "Service" means the Clik’n Pay™ service provided by MBFC and these services are exclusively for CardMembers only.
The expression "Reference Number" means the code (alphabetical and/or numeric) given by MBFC to CardMember confirming that CardMember's instruction to effect payment of Bill(s) is successfully submitted to MBFC and approved accordingly by MBFC.
The expression "Working Day" means Monday to Friday on which MBFC and its branches are open for business and is in accordance to their normal operating hours as determined by MBFC and its branches.
The headings are inserted for convenience only and shall not be used to interpret these Terms & Conditions.
2.CardMember who uses the Service for the first time is required to complete the registration process by providing the information needed as prompted by the Clik’n Pay™ registration form in the Clik’n Pay™ website. CardMember shall choose a user identification and a password. CardMember is entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his/her user identification and, password for all transactions that occur thereafter. The registration process is subject to MBFC's approval.
3.CardMember understands and agrees that he/she can only effect payment of Bill when he/she is a registered user of the Service.
4.CardMember's instruction to effect payment of Bill shall be considered approved when a Reference Number is issued by MBFC.
5.Once the CardMember's instruction to effect payment of Bill has been approved, MBFC shall settle the Bill by debiting the Card account, subject to Clause 7 and 8. Such instruction cannot be cancelled once approval is granted.
6.MBFC shall in its absolute discretion, and without assigning any reasons thereto, approve or reject the CardMember's instruction to effect payment of the Bill.
7.All approved transactions after 6:00pm shall be considered as the next day’s transactions.
8.The CardMember authorises MBFC to settle whatever Amount due either fully or partially for his/her bills, subject to MBFC's approval and to debit the CardMember's Card account for the Amount approved.
9.Payment of assessment to any Dewan Bandaraya and/or Majlis Perbandaran and/or Majlis Daerah must be the full amount as stated on the bill. Partial payment by CardMember can be rejected by the respective Dewan Bandaraya and/or Majlis Perbandaran and/or Majlis Daerah and MBFC shall not be liable for any penalty imposed for late payment or whatever reason arising from the refusal of partial payment acceptance by the respective Dewan Bandaraya or Majlis Perbandaran or Majlis Daerah.
CardMember shall be refunded accordingly only when the refund from Dewan Bandaraya and/or Majlis Perbandaran and/or Majlis Daerah is received by MBFC.
10.The instruction given to MBFC by the CardMember to effect payment under the Service must be given by the CardMember through MBFC's website and all transactions using CardMember's identification and/or password shall be deemed authorised and fully responsible by CardMember.
11.Subject to Clause 5 and Clause 7, the CardMember may instruct MBFC to pay any Bill other than those issued in his/her name.
12.MBFC shall endeavour to settle the Bill with the Service Providers within the next 2 Working Days from the date of approval.
13.MBFC may at its absolute discretion approve or reject any request/ instruction given by the CardMember for MBFC to settle the CardMember's Bill with the Service Provider. In the event MBFC does not approve the CardMember's instruction for whatever reasons or MBFC is unable to settle the CardMember's Bill with the Service Provider after approval has been given, the CardMember shall settle the Bill directly with the Service Provider. MBFC need not provide any reasons for such rejections.
14.The CardMember shall direct all enquiries or claims pertaining to any Bill to the Service Provider directly and in the event of any claims, the CardMember shall not hold MBFC responsible for any loss, if any, suffered by the CardMember.
15.MBFC shall be released from all legal responsibility arising from any claims, damages or loss which the CardMember may make, incur and/or suffer in respect of any breach of CardMember's user identification and/or password and/or any matter arising out of this approval and under these terms and conditions, including non-payment by MBFC negligently or otherwise or rejection by the Service Provider or incorrect amount or details provided by the CardMember.
16.Any notices given by MBFC shall be deemed to have been received seven (7) working days after posting to the CardMember at the last registered address with MBFC.
17.MBFC reserves the right to alter or vary these Terms and Conditions at any time, from time to time without prior notice and the CardMember shall be bound by such amendments and the prevailing Terms and Conditions.
18.MBFC reserves the right to withdraw or suspend the availability of the Service at its absolute discretion with or without prior notice and shall be entitled to terminate the availability of such Service to the CardMember. MBFC is under no obligation whatsoever to reveal the reason for the termination of the Service.
19.MBFC reserves the right and is deemed authorised by CardMember, to contact CardMember for any enquiry and/or verification.